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The place to search for information about the Sachs 301 wheelhubengine as used on the
Spartamet ®, Saxonette ® and Rabbit ®.
Maintenance, revision and drawings.
Replacing the starter rope.
The pictures and description are for the recoil starter but are valid for the electric starter.
Only the shape of the starter cover is different and the rope has to be shortened to 1050 mm.
  First remove the starter cover from the engine by loosening the 3 bolts.
On older engines the heads are Torx-25 later Inner hexagonal or Cross head bolts are used.
Watch out for the metal bushings that are around the bolts. If you loose this bushings the cover will bend when mounted again and the flywheel will touch the starter cover.
starter2 Pull the cord out and fix with a clamp.
With a small screwdriver the cable clamp can now be taken out of the grip and the cord can be seperated from the clamp.
Cut the not from the rope and let the rope gently slide in the outer cover.
starter3 Remove the small srew on the starter cover and remove the outer cover.

Measure the length of the outer cover.
starter4 Remove the pawl spring.
Remove the fixation ring. (white or black plastic)

The shown pawl and pawl-spring are the old type.
The newer model spring has a different shape and there is no pin on the pawl anymore.
starter5 Remove the cable pully with the spring from the starter cover.
Be carefull not to pull the spring out of the pully.

This is the moment to remove old grease and collected sand from the starter cover.

Remove the left overs from the starter rope from the pully.
Adjust the new starter rope to the requred length.
After cutting the rope melt the end of the rope with a lighter.
Length of cover Length of starter rope
355 mm 1400 mm
455 mm 1450 mm
starter6 Pull the new rope trough the hole in the pully and make a knot in the end as shown on the picture. (eight shaped knot)
starter7 Pull the knot firmly and then gently pull the knot in the pull..

Wind the rope firmly counter clockwise on the pully.

starter8 Mount the pully in the starter cover and feed the rope through the hole.
Allow a maximum of 10cm. of rope to extend on the outside.
starter9 Mount the fixation ring, pawl and pawl-spring.
starter10 Extend the rope to its maximum and prevent it from winding back with a clamp.
starter11 Feed the rope through the outer cover and grip.
Make an eight shaped knot in the end of the rope and place the knot in the clamp.
|Remove the clamp and let the rope genly wind back on the pully.
starter12 Secure the outer cover with the screw.
Check the whole assembly for correct operation.
Extend the rope fully and check that the pully still has room to rotate 1/4 to 3/4 more.
Gently let the rope wind back and check that the pawl folds back when the cord is fully retracted.
Small adjustments can be made by moving the knot in the grip.

Place the cover back on the engine.
Make a final test by starting the engine.
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