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The place to search for information about the Sachs 301 wheelhubengine as used on the
Spartamet ®, Saxonette ® and Rabbit ®.
Maintenance, revision and drawings.
Before you open the engine it is handy to now which type you are dealing with.
A good indication for this is the last three digts of the long number on top of the cylinder.
Number Indication Engine type
099 Sachs 301 For sure a 3-stage transmission
This type is from the first series and also the starter cover is shorter.
199 Sachs 301/A 1-stage or 3-stage transmisson without the decompression valve.
299 Sachs 301/A 1-stage transmission with decompression valve.
399 Sachs 301/A E-start. 1-stage transmission with decompression valve.
499 Sachs 301/A 1-stage transmission.
Removable cylinder head.
All pictures and texts relate to the 1-stage transmission
To replace axle-seals, bearings or the piston the engine needs to be opened.
Remove all 12 bolts.
The numbers indicate the tightening sequence when puttint the engine back together.
Numbers 1 to 4 are longer then 5 to 12.
Now the rear cover can be removed and carankshaft and rear axle are free.
By pulling the cranckshaft up the piston can be removed from the cylinder.
Do not bend or rotate the piston to avoid damage.
Just pull straight up.
Do not forget to put the two bearing fixations in a safe place.
Also the complete rear-axle can now be removed from the housing.
To disassemble the rear axle is on a seperate page.
Now is a good time to clean out the exhaust port and cylinder head from coal.
  You are now read to repair the transmission axle or put the engine back together.
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