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The place to search for information about the Sachs 301 wheelhubengine as used on the
Spartamet ®, Saxonette ® and Rabbit ®.
Maintenance, revision and drawings.
When having starting problems the first thing to check is the ignition system.
When this checks out O.K. the next item on the list of problem causes is the carburettor.
  The first test is to remove the spark plug from the cylinder and holding it to a piece of bare metal and while pulling the cord check if there is a spark.
With the original sparkplug the spark is very weak and hard to see in the daylight.
Using another sparkplug without resistor or holding only the sparkplug cap near the metal gives better results.
Using only the cap should produce sparks of 10 - 15 mm.

The second test is measuring yhe resistance of the coil with an Ohm-meter.

1 = Electronic ignition module (CDI)
2 = Ignition coil
3 = Carburettor

The E-start coil has an extra connector for charging the battery.

There are two types of coil and they measure different.

Black coil with RED CDI
blue/gray/red coil wit blue/black CDI
a = yellow a = black
b = blue b = red
c = red c = blue

When the red and blue wires are connected the wrong way there will be no spark but no damage to the CDI or Coil will occur.
The connections are marked on top of the CDI

Measurements for MOTOPLAT
wire b to Metal core = 100-150 Ohm
cap to metal core = 2750 Ohm

Measurements for PRUFREX
wire b to wire c = 800-1000 Ohm
wire b to wire a = 800-1000 Ohm
cap to wire a = 2750 Ohm
  The third and last test is changing parts with an good working engine because of the CDI nothing can be measured.
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