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The place to search for information about the Sachs 301 wheelhubengine as used on the
Spartamet ®, Saxonette ® and Rabbit ®.
Maintenance, revision and drawings.
Technical specifications engine Sachs 301/A 301/AB
Type Sachs wheel hub engine 301.
1 cylinder otto two stroke
Cooling Free air.
Cylinder capacity 30cm³
Bore Ø 33mm.
Stroke 36mm.
Compression ratio 1:7,5
Performance 0,5kW (0,7HP) by 3750/ min.
Engine lubrication Two-stroke lubrication 100:1
Drive unit  
Crankcase lubrication 70 cm³ or 90 cm³ Sachs transmission oil
Clutch Centrifugal clutch in crank axle side
Ignition Electronic, contact free magnet ignition.
(maintenance free)
Ignition time 1,0 ± 0,2 mm.(17°) before b.d.p.
Space between coil and flywheel 0,4 mm.
Spark plug BOSCH WR 10 FC
Champion RJI2YC
Electrode gap 0,5 mm.
Carburettor BING single carburettor Ø8mm. with choke and fuel valve.
BING nr. 81/8/101 Jet 42
SACHS (TK) single carburettor Ø8mm. with choke and fuel valve.
TK Jet 48
Idle speed 2300...2500/min.
Air filter Paper filter in suction silencer
Starting systeem Recoil start
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