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The place to search for information about the Sachs 301 wheelhubengine as used on the
Spartamet ®, Saxonette ® and Rabbit ®.
Maintenance, revision and drawings.
Remove the sprocket wheel from the axle with the special sprocket wheel remover.
If you don't have this tool you can use the universal tool as mentioned in the forum.
Pull the wheel from the engine.

Remove the spark plug.
When an deco-valve is present remove the two hoses from the valve.

Remove the exhaust.
Mount the engine on the support.
(The support is home made from some old pieces of iron and has the same footprint as the exhaust.)
  Remove the Oil-plug and place the engine upside down to drain the oil.
Clean the outside of the engine as good as possible with a hard brush)

Remoe the starter and airfilter covers.

Pull the wires from ste electronic ignition (CDI)

Seperate the short circuit wire.

Remove the Air intake silencer housing by loosening the two screws behind the airfilter.
(1x short 15 mm. and 1x long 80 mm.)

Gently pull the housing away from the carburettor.

Remove the two screws (1)

Pull the feed-through rubber (2) out of the carburettor cover.

Remove the ignition coil (3)

Remove twe two last screws holding the carburettor in place.

Be careful not to lose the o-ring seal in the carburettor.

Sometimes the membrane-plate is mounted witn an extra screw.
Remove the screw and remove the plate and underlying seal.
Hold de flywheel in place with a special adjustable tool en remove the nut.
This nut is left threaded so turn clock wise to losen.
Place the flywheel-puller and remove the flywheel.
After removing the flywheel remove the key from the axle and put it in a safe place.
(The magnet of the flywheel)

Unhook the spring (1) by placing a screwdriver under it and lift it.
(Be careful because it will jump away pretty hard)
After this the brake shoes (2) can be removed.

Now the fixation-plate (1) for the brake lever (2) can be removed.
  The engine is now ready to be opened.
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